Elementary School: Elementary Physical Education Volleyball
Published by Mr. Bray on Oct 25, 2022

In K-4th grade students become familiar with the terminology, rules, and basic skills related to volleyball. The K-4th graders begin by working on bumping, setting, underhand serving, as well as some overhand serving skills in 3rd and 4th. Students gain an understanding of the concept of force by controlling the pressure needed to propel the ball to the correct spot. The strength and control of their hit is provided by movement of their legs, as their arms should stay in a flat base which to hit off of. Stress is placed on creating a flat platform to hit from and staying in a controlled and balanced position. Students gain an understanding of directional force and its relationship with the angle that the ball is hit. The practiced skills will then be utilized during modified games so the students can play under the normal speed of the game.