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Middle School Helps Out

“The Variety Show Committee would like to thank all of the middle school student volunteers that dedicated so much of their time last week in helping with the Variety Show! We were grateful to have such a great group of kids to work with and you are a big reason why the Show was such a success!
We would also like to send a special thank you to these students who dedicated over 16 hours of their time to help with the Group Rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Dress Rehearsal on Friday, and the final Show on Saturday…Rohan Shah (also voluntarily handled MC duties), Max Garon (also handled multiple Stage Crew duties), and Daxton Garon (a sophomore at LT that came back and provided invaluable help and knowledge to the Committee)!

MS Student Volunteers Pictured……
Philip Bulakovski, Max Garon, Owen Praetz, John Hepokoski, Rohan Shah, Alexis Jain, Andrew Jain, Daxton Garon, Sydney Munson, Alexandra Brubaker, Leah Monahan, Margot Berg
(Not Pictured…Astrid Bingham, Zoe Brady, Ginger Bruno, Genevieve Butauskas, Gabriella Jackson, Jett Jacklin, Jocelyn Mulder, Beckham Oakey, Fiona Praetz, Abby Rehor)

8th Grade Boys Basketball

Congratulations to the 8th-grade boys' basketball team on an outstanding season. The team worked hard and finished with a 14 and 1 record. The 7th and 8th-grade teams attended the Northwestern men's basketball game on January 18, to wrap up a great season!

Congratulations to both teams on a successful season! 

I also want to congratulate our cheerleaders on an outstanding season. Both teams worked extremely hard and it showed!

Building Project Summary

Please click this link to access the building project summary as of January 18, 2022.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 Regular Meeting

A Regular Meeting of the
LaGrange Highlands School District 106 Board of Education

will be held on
Tuesday, January 18, 2022

at 7:00 p.m.
in the Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Agenda and Attachments for the Meeting

Zoom Link to the Meeting Livestream

National 4th Graders Day!

The second Monday in January is always National 4th Graders Day! This year, our celebration took place on Monday, January 10th. Our 4th Graders had a fun day celebrating all they have learned so far in 4th grade! 

3rd grade learns about light and sound

Third grade began their light and sound literacy unit this week. Students are having fun building background knowledge and using new vocabulary by making predictions, observations and conclusions about how light interacts with transparent and opaque objects! 

Creating Models in Science

The students were working hard to create an initial model to represent and explain the question: “How could buying candy that contains palm oil affect orangutan populations and other populations in the wild?” 

What a week for the Hornets!

What a week for the Highland 7th grade Hornets!  It was a team effort all week.  The 7th graders beat Westchester, McClure and Willow Springs to kick off the holiday season!  The cheerleaders and mascot did a fabulous job all week. Great job tonight from Ryan Thornberg, Cameron Kennedy, Jake Rus, Nathan Fitzgerald and Sam Mishos.  Let's get ready to cheer on the 7th grade Hornets in 2022!  Happy Holidays!  

- Brady O'Connell

Math Fact Snowball Fight

Even though there is no snow outside, we had a snowball fight in 2nd grade! Inside each snowball was a math fact the students got to solve! They had so much fun and did a great job practicing their math facts! 

ECE News

Ms. Melissa's class made a gingerbread man, but he ran away!  We made missing posters and then he left us some clues which we solved to find him.

Food Drive was a Success!

The Food Drive was a huge success! We donated a truckload of food to the Lagrange Bible Church Food Pantry. We also donated over $800 to Chicago Food Depository. Thank you for your generosity! 

Holidays Around the World in First Grade

First Graders are traveling around the world this week learning all about how holidays are celebrated in different countries. Students have been enjoying their travels to Mexico, Italy, Israel, Germany and Australia.