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Highlighting Our MS Artists - Cubism Project

The Middle School Art classes explored Cubism ~ Picasso-style.  Under the expert guidance of our Art teacher, Mrs. Burtner, our students used geometric and organic shapes to create abstract art. Their efforts turned out unique and amazing products.

ECE is a Family

ECE welcomed their special grown-ups to school to work on a quilt.  We used teamwork (and plenty of glue) to each make their own square and then we put them all together.  We shared a few songs too.  It was fun to have our school families and home families working together!


2nd Grade Math

Our 2nd graders have been working hard learning about place value. They use whiteboards to practice showing numbers in different ways. They can write numbers in standard form, expanded form, unit form, word form, and in a number bond!

7th Grade Science - Copper Lab

This week in 7th Grade Science, our young engineers participated in a lab to explore the chemical process of electrolysis and compounds.  Students conducted experiments and examined how electro-plating is able to break apart copper from sulfur to create copper plated paper clips and nails.  Students then analyzed how the compounds broke apart and and how it can be related to real life industrial applications.  Check out some the results from their experiments!

Download IMG-6245

Everyone Counts in 1st Grade!

We read "One" by Kathryn Otoshi in Mrs. Brenner's 1st grade class, and learned that every "one" counts! 

Fourth Grade Problem Solving Gallery

The fourth graders love to solve problems and draw tape diagrams!  Modeling a math problem requires close reading and understanding of the given and missing information.   

September Construction Update

Construction Update

Download 09 20 22 Construction Update

Kindness in Kindergarten!


Kindergarteners have been working on developing their social emotional skills.  We have been reading books about kindness and discussing expected behaviors versus unexpected behaviors.  Each time the class or an individual student is noticed making kind and expected choices (whole body listening, helping a friend, walking quietly in the hallway, etc) the class earns a Warm Fuzzy (pom pom) to add to our class jar.  Once the jar is full, we earn a class reward!  The kindergartners are doing an amazing job demonstrating expected behaviors!

A small act of kindness can go a long way!


Midseason Showdown - Boys' Cross Country Comes Out on Top

Highlands Boys' Cross Country Team crushed the Midseason Showdown with many of our boys coming in the Top 20! A special congratulations to Timmy Sloan (1st Place) and Rocco King (2nd Place).  All the boys did a great job - fighting hard against over 300 runners from schools across our conference.  Congratulations to all runners - persevering through the heat today and a tough course - to finish on top!

7th Grade Science - Fire Extinguisher Lab

This week in 7th grade Science, our young chemists studied the chemical reactions used in the fire fighting industry by creating small fire extinguishers by using common household ingredients found in the kitchen. Students  tested out the effectiveness of each type of fire extinguisher in a controlled lab and then recorded the data and analyzed the results.


Tuesday, September 20, 2022 Public Hearing and Regular Meeting

A Public Hearing for the LaGrange Highlands School District 106
Fiscal Year 2023 Final Budget
will be held on
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
at 7:00 p.m.


A Regular Meeting of the
LaGrange Highlands School District 106 Board of Education
will be held on
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
immediately following the Budget Hearing
at approximately 7:05 p.m.

in the Learning Resource Center (LRC)
1750 W. Plainfield Road
LaGrange, IL 60525

Agenda and Attachments for the Meeting
will be active at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday

Link to the Meeting Livestream
will be active shortly before meeting begins

Hornets Going Above and Beyond

After a Cross Country transportation hiccup yesterday, a group of runners - five 6th grade girls, one 5th grade girl and a 5th grade boy - met up at Spring Rock Park (where the meet was supposed to be held) and ran the race that was missed together.  The students showed perseverance and commitment to their sport, to their team and most importantly, to one another.  They are shining examples of Highlands Hornets - and we are so proud!  A huge shout out to: 

Lucy Fort
Braelyn Howard
Erica Windeler
Vasi Panos
Lauren Rudolph
Caroline Cavato
Hunter Willis

One of our parents shared this special moment and stated that "while this was not an official meet, these kids worked hard, running in the twilight with no spectators or cheerleaders, sporting their cross country uniforms and competing against themselves."

Go Hornets!