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Local Tax Levy:

A tax levy is the amount of money requested by a school district from taxpayers through local property taxes.

A tax extension is the total property tax billings on the district’s behalf. In other words, it is how much money the district is actually entitled to receive per calculations from the County Clerk.

Budgeted revenues can be broken into three major categories: local, state, and federal. In the Highlands, the district receives more revenue through local taxes than it does from state or federal sources. These local revenues must be requested – or levied – in specific ways in order to direct funds appropriately for specific expenses (e.g., special education, transportation, maintenance).

The County Clerk reviews this request, as well as estimated property values from the County Assessor’s office, and makes a determination as to the amount of local revenue the district may receive. This information is then used for budgeting revenues in the upcoming year.

For information regarding last year’s tax extension from the County Clerk, please review the Tax Agency Report on the Clerk’s website by clicking here.

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