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Food Services:

District 106 partners with Quest Food Management Services to provide daily hot lunches in both the elementary and middle schools. All students are welcome to participate.

In partnership with Quest, the district strives to provide as much variety as possible in its menus. Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, lunch menus expanded to include new recipes and a la carte ordering for students who may wish to purchase individual meal components.

The district uses a third-party website called MyMealOrder to share daily meal offerings with families and to facilitate online ordering and payment. Please see below for an informational letter and instructions.

  • Informational Letter From Quest

  • Meal Ordering Instructions

  • MyMealOrder Online Menus & Ordering

  • Carbohydrate Counts & Nutrition

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    Michael Duback
    Dir. of Operations / CSBO
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    Assistant Business Office Manager
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    Receptionist / Sub Coordinator
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