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Katie Schaefers
Assistant Business Office Manager
Department of Finance & Operations
Finance Advisory Committee:

Long-term visioning and financial forecasting are crucial aspects of the operations of a school district. The District 106 Finance Advisory Committee (FAC) provides guidance to the Superintendent and Director of Operations/CSBO on a variety of topics, including:
  • Annual budget
  • Local tax levy
  • Capital projects planning (e.g., roofs, construction, equipment)
  • Funding mechanisms (e.g., bonds);
  • Allocation of resources by fund
  • Forecasting of revenues/expenses (e.g., curriculum adoption, changes to staffing levels, technology infrastructure improvements)
  • Other topics impacting district finances
Through input from all members, the FAC (a) provides feedback to support the day-to-day work of the Director of Operations/CSBO, and/or (b) provides a recommendation to the full Board of Education for further discussion.

The FAC is structured to gain insight from multiple stakeholder perspectives, and is therefore comprised of Board members, district administrators, and community members.

2020 FAC Membership (2018-2019):
  • Lori Bryant (Board member)
  • John Corcoran (Board member)
  • Michael Duback (Director of Operations/CSBO)
  • Chris Johnson (Community Member and Parent)
  • John Scimone (Community Member and Parent)
  • Andy Taylor (Community Member and Parent)
  • Amy Warke (Superintendent)

Department Staff

Michael Duback
Dir. of Operations / CSBO
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Katie Schaefers
Assistant Business Office Manager
Lee Hilbrich
Receptionist / Sub Coordinator

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