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    Description: Famous artist search engine. It includes famous works of art.
    Added on: Nov 28, 2005,  Hits: 888

    Artist Index 
    Description: Search by artist name or time period.
    Added on: Nov 28, 2005,  Hits: 1033

    Artist Information 
    Description: This website has a list of artisit with a brief history and lists artwork by year and name of artwork.
    Added on: Jan 6, 2006,  Hits: 851

    Biographies of Famous Artists  Popular
    Description: Biographies of 75 famous painters and sculptors.
    Added on: Nov 28, 2005,  Hits: 2067

    Famous Artists 
    Description: Information on famous artists
    Added on: Nov 28, 2005,  Hits: 1052

    Famous Landmarks around the World 
    Description: Great for researching landmarks
    Added on: May 15, 2006,  Hits: 1033

    Great Buildings 
    Description: Great architectural buildings
    Added on: May 15, 2006,  Hits: 909

    Description: Brief facts on landmarks
    Added on: May 12, 2006,  Hits: 1311

    More Famous Landmarks 
    Description: Lots of landmarks to choose from
    Added on: May 15, 2006,  Hits: 1205

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