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Published by Mrs. Laskowski on Nov 14, 2022

Sibling support opportunities for families with children with disabilities

Parent/Educator Presentation & Sibshops for Highlands Students

Siblings often have the longest relationship of their lives with their brother or sister. If you have a child with disabilities and a typically developing child, you may wonder about your typically developing child’s experience as a sibling. Siblings are in a unique position to advocate with their brothers and sisters with disabilities lifelong, so information and support at an early age is important. Please join us for a presentation about siblings of children with disabilities with Amy Halm, Associate Director of the Sibling Leadership Network. Amy will discuss the needs, concerns, and opportunities that are frequently experienced by siblings of people with disabilities, and how Sibshops and other practical strategies can support them.

This session is free and parents are encouraged to join us to learn, listen, and ask questions. Teachers and school staff are also welcome to attend.  Please see the attached flyer to register for the presentation on November 30, 2022 and/or to register your student(s) for a Sibshop!

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