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    Chapter 4 ER, CER, GER verbs 
    Description: Practice using ER, CER, GER verbs with a partner.
    Added on: Feb 27, 2013,  Hits: 818

    Chapter 4 Part 1 School Subjects 
    Description: Practice the school vocabulary from Chapter 4, part 1 of our books.
    Added on: Feb 27, 2013,  Hits: 820

    French Definite and Indefinite Articles 
    Description: Practice on using definite and indefinite articles.
    Added on: Aug 27, 2012,  Hits: 774

    French Valentine Vocabulary 
    Description: French Valentine vocabulary with sound, practice and games
    Added on: Feb 14, 2012,  Hits: 1399

    Mardi Gras Vocabulary 
    Description: Learn and practice this vocabulary about Mardi Gras.
    Added on: Feb 11, 2013,  Hits: 1365

    RE Verbs 
    Description: Practice RE verbs. Also good for 8th grade!
    Added on: Feb 27, 2013,  Hits: 814

    Write a Cinquain 
    Description: This site will guide you through writing a cinquain
    Added on: Feb 8, 2012,  Hits: 1078

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