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    A Cutting Edge look at Gettysburg 
    Description: Modern analysis of the classic battle.
    Added on: Apr 25, 2014,  Hits: 1100

    Battle information 
    Description: Search for battles by state or year or General.
    Added on: Apr 25, 2014,  Hits: 1279

    Civil War Soldiers Recipes 
    Description: Here you will find recipes and cooking techniques that the Civil War soldier used to help him get by during his struggle to survive.
    Added on: Apr 25, 2014,  Hits: 631

    Gettysburg Interactive 
    Description: Watch the Battle of Gettysburg unfold.
    Added on: Apr 25, 2014,  Hits: 840

    How did soldiers prepare for battle? 
    Description: Learn how soldiers prepared for battle. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to try it for yourself.
    Added on: Apr 25, 2014,  Hits: 979

    Letters from Antietam 
    Description: Collection of letters and diary entries of soldiers who survived the Battle of Antietam, the bloodiest of all battles.
    Added on: May 1, 2014,  Hits: 953

    Letters from soldiers 
    Description: Read letters of those brave men and women who participated in the American Civil War and shared their experiences with friends and loved ones through the written word.
    Added on: Apr 25, 2014,  Hits: 955

    Music and Poetry 
    Description: Poetry and Music of the War Between the States.
    Added on: Apr 25, 2014,  Hits: 479

    Quotes from Civil War 
    Description: This site contains quotes from famous Civil War figures as well as regular soldiers and citizens.
    Added on: Apr 25, 2014,  Hits: 564

    Resources-Comparing North and South 
    Description: Use this site to complete the Graphic Organizer.
    Added on: Apr 3, 2015,  Hits: 745

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