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    idebate: Debateabase 
    Description: Debate topics from around the world
    Added on: Jan 18, 2017,  Hits: 879

    Description: Great for debate topics
    Added on: May 15, 2019,  Hits: 191

    Newsela Pro/Con  Popular
    Description: Pro vs Con articles from Newsela
    Added on: Jan 20, 2017,  Hits: 2235

    Room for Debate 
    Description: News opinion pages from the New York Times
    Added on: Jan 10, 2014,  Hits: 969

    Teen Ink 
    Description: Points of view on opinion topics
    Added on: Jan 18, 2017,  Hits: 591

    US News Debate Club 
    Description: Debate topics in the US.
    Added on: Jan 10, 2017,  Hits: 921

    USA Today 
    Description: Editorials, debates and opinions
    Added on: Nov 15, 2010,  Hits: 1174

    Washington Post Editorials  Popular
    Description: Washington Post Opinions and Editorials
    Added on: Nov 28, 2011,  Hits: 1711

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