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    A Presidential Ham 
    Description: Read about the Personality Traits of our Presidents.
    Added on: Nov 10, 2014,  Hits: 803

    America's Founding Fathers 
    Description: National Archives website.
    Added on: Oct 23, 2013,  Hits: 796

    American Presidents 
    Description: Pictures and info about all Presidents
    Added on: Oct 16, 2013,  Hits: 675

    Ben Franklin, Founding Father 
    Description: This website celebrates Ben Franklin's life, 300 years after he was born.
    Added on: Oct 29, 2013,  Hits: 749

    Biographies on First Ladies 
    Description: Information and quotes from famous First Ladies
    Added on: Oct 16, 2013,  Hits: 529

    Biography website 
    Description: Type in the name of your Founding Father to find information and videos.
    Added on: Oct 30, 2014,  Hits: 814

    Founding Fathers Quiz Game 
    Description: How well do you know George, Thomas, Ben and Patrick?
    Added on: Oct 23, 2013,  Hits: 798

    Library of Congress 
    Description: Primary Source Documents and quotes from our Founding Fathers
    Added on: Oct 22, 2013,  Hits: 715

    More on the Founding Fathers 
    Description: Use the drop down menu "Founding Fathers" to find more specific information.
    Added on: Oct 23, 2013,  Hits: 940

    Description: Use the actual words of the founding fathers
    Added on: Oct 23, 2013,  Hits: 835

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