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    D.o.I Quiz 
    Description: How well do you know our Declaration of Independence?
    Added on: Oct 22, 2014,  Hits: 1057

    Early America Facts and Quizzes 
    Description: Try your hand at the Declaration of Independence Quiz. Are you a Patriot or just a Novice?
    Added on: Sep 25, 2013,  Hits: 619

    Loyalty or Liberty Game 
    Description: How will you decide which side to choose?
    Added on: Sep 24, 2013,  Hits: 1001

    You Be the Historian 
    Description: What was life like in America in the 1700's? Use artifacts from this site to gather information about the Springer family from Delaware.
    Added on: Aug 6, 2014,  Hits: 738

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