Recent News
Kindness in Kindergarten!

Kindergarteners have been working on developing their social emotional skills.  We have been reading books about kindness and discussing good choices versus bad choices.  Each time the class or an individual student is caught making good choices (whole body listening, helping a friend, walking quietly in the hallway, etc) the class earns a Warm Fuzzy (pom pom) to add to our class jar.  Once the jar is full, we will earn a class reward!  A small act of kindness can go a long way!

Center Time

During Centers students get to choose where they play.  We practice sharing, communicating and using our imagination.  There are several choices including Blocks, Toys & Games, Art, Science and Dramatic Play.  We can pretend to cook and take care of our family!

LT Junior Band Night - success despite the weather!

Our Highlands 7th and 8th grade band students had a great night at LT on Friday 9/17 despite the football game being cancelled.  Students gathered with the LT marching band and other middle schoolers from the township to practice with the marching band.  They got to experience what it was like to play with great musicians on the marching band field and in the stands.  Unfortunately the game was cancelled due to lightning before we could perform the half time show, but the experience was great nonetheless!  Looking forward to another opportunity to get together with the LT marching band again soon! 

September 21, 2021 Regular Meeting

A Regular Meeting of the
LaGrange Highlands District 106 Board of Education

will be held on
September 21, 2021

immediately following the FY22 Budget Hearing
in the Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Agenda for Hearing and Regular Meeting

Zoom Link to the Public Hearing and Regular Meeting Livestream 

September 21, 2021 Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Hearing

A Public Hearing of 
the LaGrange Highlands District 106
Fiscal Year 2022 Budget

will be held on
September 21, 2021
at 7:00 p.m.

in the Learning Resource Center (LRC)

Opportunity to ask questions and provide input will be available during the
“Public Questions and Input” agenda item.

 Please sign in at the reception table.

Agenda for Hearing and Regular Meeting

Zoom Link to the Public Hearing and Regular Meeting Livestream 

Research in 8th Grade LA

8th Grade Advanced Language Arts students work collaboratively on their research projects. The groups work to collect information on a particular Thread of Change in 19th century American thought. 

Crystal Powers in the Art Room

Students had fun learning about the science of crystals and creating their own 2D clusters, in Art.

We focused on creating the illusion of depth and light refraction using marker, watercolor and paper.

Download Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 3.14.46 PM

7th Spanish Story

The 7th grade Spanish students wrote a great story in Spanish collaboratively as a class. After writing the story together, they each created a small book with their own illustrations! Awesome job 7th grade!

4th Grader uses STEAM Skills to design a Fire Alarm

This 4th grader used science, technology, engineering, arts and math to create a homemade switch to activate a fire alarm. He explained how a circuit works and the difference between AC and DC current. He also explained the reason why you need 3 batteries to make it work using multiplication. Lastly, he used his art and engineering skills to design the switch. 

4th Grade Tableau "Thank You, Mr. Falker"

In 4th Grade, our learners completed tableaus to act out different events in the book "Thank You, Mr. Falker." They showed how Trisha's feelings changed throughout the book. The students did a great job sharing when and why the character's feelings changed in the story. Way to go, 4th Grade!

5th Grade ELA

Fifth graders have been discussing theme and character development while reading the novel, Out of My Mind. We have been enjoying the nice days when we are able read outside!

Third Grade Botanists

Third graders are using their science observation skills in our amazing garden.  They are learning all about plants in science and using their expertise to look at different plant structures.