Recent News
Kindergarteners Getting Creative in STEAM Class!

Kindergarteners have been busy creating letters and using their sense of touch and coordination with playdough.  We have also been working on building towers with cups and learning about structure and balance.   

7th Grade Science - Chemistry Labs

In 7th grade, our young scientists conducted their first chemistry experiment to examine how temperature affects the speed at which molecules move and mixtures dissolve.  Some of the tools we used were the bunsen burners, beakers, flasks, hot plates, and strikers. They then recorded their data and analyzed the results in a formal lab setting.

Third Grade Math and ELA

Third graders have been working really hard learning their multiplication and division facts! Students learned how to draw models including arrays and equal groups. They've also learned how the commutative property and fact families work! Next up is learning their skip counting songs for each factor! 

Third graders are also working really hard at learning and applying new vocabulary words. They practice their vocabulary words during our listening comprehension time and independent reading. Students have fun using these new words in different contexts throughout their day! 

Download multiplication pdf

Investigating Metabolic Reactions in 8th Grade Science

8th graders used iodine and benedict's solutions to determine if glucose or starch were present inside and outside of the dialysis tube. This is one of many investigations in our unit on metabolic reactions.

First Weeks of 6th Grade!

A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.- Albert Einstein

The first few weeks back to school for 6th graders have been full of trying new things! From group work challenges to socratic seminars… We are embracing the growth mindset and the importance of learning from our mistakes.  


2nd Grade!

In second grade, students have been working hard on their math fact fluency!

First Grade Exceeding Expectations

First grade has worked hard learning routines and expectations the first few weeks of school. We are practicing whole body listening, staying socially distant, and making responsible choices. Way to go!

Celebrating our Summer Readers

We are very proud of our Elementary summer readers who completed their 2021 Summer Reading Game Board.  Our students got to celebrate with a fun pizza lunch and Rice Krispies treats.  Way to go summer readers!

Rocking in Our school Shoes

The kindergarteners are off to a great start! We spent the last couple of weeks getting to know one another, learning names, singing songs and reading books about all the fun that is to come this year. One of our favorite characters is Pete the Cat. We read, "Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes" and then the students shared what they hope to learn and get better at in kindergarten. Each student set a goal and we will create action steps together. At our conferences in October we will share these with you and how you can help your child meet this goal this year. The kids are already working toward their goals and they are rocking kindergarten!

Lawn Application

A fertilizer and herbicide application is planned for September 10th-12th, 2021. The weather will determine the exact time and date.  This fertilizer/herbicide application will be made to lawn & bed areas.  The fertilizer/herbicide for this application is defined as any herbicide, fertilizer, or other compound designed to promote healthy grass plants.  If you have any questions about his application, contact


Kent Hoefling

Director of Buildings and Grounds


Elementary Curriculum Night

Elementary Curriculum Night was a great success!  It was so wonderful to see so many families last night, whether it was on Zoom or in person.   Also, a huge thank you to our teachers for their presentations and sharing all of the learning that will take place this year.

8th Grade Personal History Presentations

Before diving into the history of our country, 8th graders took the time to reflect on their own personal histories.  Their projects and presentations were creative, informative, and professional.  They all had such interesting histories to share!