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July 29, 2020 Special Board of Education Meeting

A Special meeting of the Board of Education will be held on Wednesday, July 29, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will take place in the LaGrange Highlands Middle School Gym and also simulcasted at beginning at 6:30 due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. A link will be posted on our website on the evening of the meeting.  

The agenda for the meeting is available by going to Administration --> Board of Education -->Agenda


Return to Learn Update

Dear Highlands Community,

We recognize this time has been challenging for all of us. The Board of Education (BOE), the teachers and staff, the parents, and the administration have a shared goal to empower students with the best learning environment possible. A top priority is to keep our students and staff safe and healthy, as the administration works with teachers daily to better understand their perspectives on this.

As we navigate this challenge, we are leaning into our core values of community, perseverance, and creativity. During Tuesday’s board meeting, the administration presented a hybrid plan to return to school, which included a rigorous remote component. After deliberating the issue, the board endorsed a fully remote plan.

After listening to community response, we will hold a special BOE meeting next week to discuss the administration's plans for remote learning. We will also consider if ongoing discussions improve the viability of the hybrid option.

Change is hard during normal circumstances. But we always return to our unwavering commitment to our children. Together we will ensure that our young Hornets succeed during this unprecedented time. We are committed to working together and continuing to grow and learn.

Highlands Board of Education

July 21, 2020 Board Briefs

Board Briefs for the July 21, 2020, Regularly Scheduled Meeting of the LaGrange Highlands Board of Education are available by clicking here.

Re-Entry Plan Presentation

Click here to view the Return to Learn presentation, which was developed by the LaGrange Highlands administration and was submitted to the Board of Education on July 21, 2020 at their regularly scheduled meeting. It details a partially in-person and partially remote learning approach for the 2020-2021 School Year. The Board has requested that the administration submit a presentation for a fully remote learning approach. 

July 21, 2020 BOE meeting


We recognize that the pandemic has caused a lot of uncertainty in our lives when we are used to schools providing us the stability of a routine we could count on year after year. We may be afraid, and we may disagree with how education is progressing in the fall, but together, we can move forward with a plan that considers the needs of our community.  

As a district, we may make mistakes, but we cannot make progress if we do not work with what is uncomfortable. It is because of the feedback and support of the Board, teachers, parents, and the community that Highlands has been able to dig in and course-correct all along the way to provide experiences for students that are engaging, dynamic, and empowering. 

Tonight, in the Highlands Middle School Gym, we are presenting our Return to Learn Plan to the Board and community. This meeting will be streamed on Youtube. It can also be accessed by clicking on the word Youtube, or by clicking here. 

We are currently in Stage 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan, which states that no more than 50 people are allowed to gather in one space. After accounting for the BOE members and administrators, we have space in the Middle School gymnasium for approximately 30 members of the public to join the meeting in-person in the bleachers (which will be marked for proper social distancing). If you plan on attending in person, please wear a mask while attending. 

Unfortunately, if we reach capacity, we will have to place a sign on the door that states we are at capacity and will have to turn away any additional people who wish to enter the facilities.

If you would like to make a public comment to the Board, please click here and complete this Google form. The form states the policy for making public comments and has all of the information needed to address the Board. This form needs to be completed by 6:00 pm this evening. 

Due to the lack of space, if you would like to make a public comment to the Board of Education by completing this form, your comment will be read by the Board recording secretary, Laura Smith. It is important to have your comments in this form by 6:00 pm this evening.  

Thank you so much for your input and participation in our process. I look forward to our continued partnership. 

Warm regards, 

Dr. Warke

July 21, 2020 Regularly Scheduled Board of Education Meeting

A regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education will be held on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will take place in the LaGrange Highlands Middle School Gym and also simulcasted via Zoom due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. A link will be posted on our website on the evening of the meeting. To submit questions for the board to answer, please complete this Google Form by 6:00 PM on Tuesday, July 21st.

The meeting will be streamed on Youtube at  starting at 7:00 P.M.


The agenda for the meeting is available by going to Administration --> Board of Education -->Agenda


July 7, 2020, Survey Request

Hello Highlands Families and Staff,

I hope this communication finds you well and enjoying the hot days of summer! Our task force has been very busy planning many aspects of our return to school. We are asking you to take a few minutes to complete this brief survey here to help inform our planning. 

We intend to provide you with more information about our plan to return to school on July 22. 

Thank you for your feedback!

Warm regards, 

Dr. Warke

Update for June 23, 2020

Dear Highlands Famileis and Staff, 

I hope this message finds you and your families safe and well. Today,  the Illinois State Board of Education released guidance for schools on the 2020-21 school year. 

This 60-page document has been much anticipated and will go a long way toward answering critical questions all of us share about what the 2020-21 school year will look like in terms of in-person learning, scheduling, wearing masks, social distancing and other measures intended to keep everyone safe and healthy, while also re-engaging students in the learning process.  

Right now, we don’t have all the answers to those questions as this document was released to school districts at the same time it was released to the public. Therefore, we kindly ask for your patience as our staff thoroughly reviews this detailed guidance and implements the suggestions into our transition plan.

We are aware of the urgent need to communicate to families about what to expect next school year and anticipate releasing our own transition plan around July 22.

As you may know, our district formed transition teams earlier this month and has already been discussing options. This guidance will accelerate those conversations, and I’m confident we can put forth a plan that prioritizes the health and safety of our students while maintaining a dynamic learning environment. 

Thank you again for your patience, understanding, and flexibility as we navigated a situation together that none of us could have imagined. 

I will be in touch soon. In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy your summer.

Warm regards,

 Dr. Warke

June 9, 2020 Board Briefs

June 9, 2020, Board Briefs are now available here.

Board of Education Meeting Stream

The live link for tonight's board of education meeting can be viewed at

public comments can be emailed to

Update for June 13, 2020

Dear Highlands Families and Staff, 

Have you ever wondered what happens in a school district during the summer months? Well, if you have answered planning, you are correct! This summer is no different. We are planning, just in a different manner than we have ever done before. We are preparing for three options to reopen in the fall, an opening with all students present, an opening we are calling a hybrid opening, and for remote learning. 

Did you know that how we return to school depends on what phase of reopening Illinois is in? When Illinois was in Phase 2-Flattening, and Phase 3 Recovery schools are closed, and remote learning is required. 

In phase 4 Revitalization, schools can open, with the Illinois Department of Public Health Guidance and the Illinois State Board of Education guidance. In phase 5 Restored, everything is back to operational. 

We received summer guidance on June 4 from the Illinois State Board of Education and Illinois Department of Public Health, and the fall guidance is anticipated as early as Monday. 

With our planning this summer, we have 31 staff members assisting the administrative team on our re-entry task force. We have five sub-committees that are planning for 

  • the health and safety components of our students, staff, and community;  
  • the social-emotional needs of our students, staff, and community
  • the instructional delivery which addresses the use of Schoology, See-Saw, Zoom and other platforms;
  • the instructional day- the what and when during the day ECE-8th grade and
  • parent resources

Please know our teams are working diligently to provide the best plan for the students and staff to return to school in the fall. Information is still changing and evolving, and we are eager to learn from the guidance we receive to make plans for the fall. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy this fantastic weather we are experiencing!


Dr. Warke

June 16, 2020 Board of Education Meeting Agenda

A regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education will be held on Tuesday, June 16, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, a virtual meeting will take place. A link will be posted on our website on the evening of the meeting. The agenda for the meeting is available by going to Administration --> Board of Education -->Agenda