Recent News
Making Words

Kindergarteners were eager to volunteer as we practiced reading and spelling words with our large letter cards. Students explored how changing one letter can make a whole new word. They practiced listening to a word, segmenting it into sounds and identifying which sound needed to change (beginning, medial or final sound) to spell the word correctly.

Science Club Rocked

Third and fourth graders did a fabulous job in science club this year.  We completed challenges cooperatively, built and tested different bridges, explored microscopes, made fidget spinners, tested houses, and so much more!  

8th Grade Orchestra Festival
This week, the 8th grade orchestra students participated in a side-by-side rehearsal with the LT orchestra program's top orchestra, led by Jan Mathews as conductor. In addition, the students were able to talk to the high schoolers about how orchestra works with their schedules in high school and what kinds of opportunities string musicians have. They were working on pretty tough music, and their playing improved from the experience!  The festival was a great opportunity for our students.  Thank you to LT orchestra program, Jan Mathews and Colleen Follin, our Orchestra director at Highlands, for this amazing collaboration.
Halloween Fun


Buddy Reading in First Grade!

First graders have been working hard on their Buddy Reading skills. Buddy Reading is beneficial to young readers in so many ways. Students are able to practice leadership skills, engage in meaningful discussions, practice fluency, and build confidence as they are reading with their friends in the classroom. Buddy Reading has become one of our very favorite activities in first grade!




ECE visits Pumpkin Farm

ECE had a great time visiting the Pumpkin Farm this month. Hayride, train ride, corn maze, bouncy houses, feeding goats and holding baby chicks were a few of the great things we did there.

7th Grade Science - Density

This week our young 7th grade chemists examined what makes solids and liquids sink or float.  Students participated in a series of chemistry labs to analyze and calculate various densities and masses of liquids in a given volume.  Great participation and group work by all with some amazing results!


1st Grade Book Character Pumpkins

The first graders decorated pumpkins to look like one of their favorite book characters. They had fun sharing their pumpkins with the class and putting them on display for the whole school to see!

3rd Graders Use Scales to Measure Weight in Grams and Kilograms

3rd Graders are learning all about measurement! They practiced using two different types of scales to measure a variety of classroom objects to the nearest 1 kg, 100 g, 10 g, 1g.

Elementary Physical Education Volleyball

In K-4th grade students become familiar with the terminology, rules, and basic skills related to volleyball. The K-4th graders begin by working on bumping, setting, underhand serving, as well as some overhand serving skills in 3rd and 4th. Students gain an understanding of the concept of force by controlling the pressure needed to propel the ball to the correct spot. The strength and control of their hit is provided by movement of their legs, as their arms should stay in a flat base which to hit off of. Stress is placed on creating a flat platform to hit from and staying in a controlled and balanced position. Students gain an understanding of directional force and its relationship with the angle that the ball is hit. The practiced skills will then be utilized during modified games so the students can play under the normal speed of the game.



2nd Graders Test Plant Monitoring System

Our 2nd Graders are building a plant monitor system that uses sensor technology to test moisture and light in the plan. They will use Binary Code to display pictures on the LED screen to determine if the plant needs more water or sunlight.

LT Junior High Marching Band Day

Our Highlands 7th and 8th grade band members got to perform with the LT Marching Band on Saturday.  We had a great morning making music with new friends and with Highlands alumni. Congrats on great performance!