Recent News
7th Grade Socktober

This month, in addition to collecting socks for the homeless and wearing crazy socks to school, 7th graders had a chance to show their creative flair with a contest to make the most creative sock puppet.  Here is one very well dressed example.

This Week in Middle School P.E.

Middle School P.E. students piloted the first ever archery unit and it has been a huge success!  We also used some new equipment that was granted through the PTC and Educational Foundation to help improve our fitness levels.  Keep up the great work Hornets!

Veterans Day Service

We will be honoring veterans this year with a breakfast (5th-8th graders) and assembly (7th-8th grades & any student who invites a veteran) on Thursday, November 11th. Please see your grade-level Schoology page for more information!

Fourth Graders have great heart!

The Fourth Graders have been diving into our new ELA curriculum and learning about having a great heart literally and figuratively!  They have been reading The Circulatory Story and working on main ideas and supporting details.  Earlier this module, students learned about people who had great hearts like Helen Keller, Clara Barton, and Anne Frank.

6th Grade Science Galaxy Stations

6th grade Science students worked in stations to review and extend their knowledge of galaxies. Here is some of the amazing artwork from our Galaxy Graffiti Station! 

2nd Grade Place Value

2nd grade has been working hard on their understanding of three-digit numbers. They are now able to show their numbers in standard form, unit form, expanded form, and word form! They have done such a nice job and have grown so much in their place value understanding. Way to go 2nd graders!! 

October 8, 2021 Special Meeting

A Special Meeting of the
LaGrange Highlands District 106 Board of Education

will be held on
Friday, October 8, 2021

at 3:30 p.m.
in the Learning Resource Center (LRC)


Zoom Link for Meeting Audio

Math Fact Fluency in First Grade

Math fact fluency is so much fun in first grade! We are working hard practicing our math facts!

Math is BUMPing in Kindergarten!

Our kindergarteners are enjoying the fun math game of BUMP! Using subitizing and touch counting skills, kindergarteners are adding two dice together in a face-off to see who can have all their cubes land on the mat first. Double stacking keeps you safe. BUT watch out if you're single just might find your cube bumped off! 

8th Grade World War I Projects

8th grade students created outstanding projects to highlight various aspects of World War I.  Some students created recruitment and propaganda posters to encourage citizens to join the war effort or support it at home.  Other students made children's books to help younger students better understand key topics from the First World War.  The students' projects were professional, creative and informative.

8th Grade Language Arts

The first round of presentations began today in 8th-grade Advanced Language Arts. Teams presented their choice of one of six threads of 19th century American thought. We began by "Power Posing" to get the nervousness out before speaking in front of our peers. Today's presenters set the bar high!

7th Grade Hornets of the Month

Congratulations to Luke, Xander, Elizabeth, Emma and Jocelyn - our 7th Grade September Hornets of the Month!!