COVID-19 Statistics & Indicators
District 106 Statistics
Vaccinated or Engaging in Weekly Testing100%
Currently quarantined:0
Currently COVID positive:0
Quarantined this school year:0
COVID positive this school year:1
Currently quarantined:
Unable to attend school for a period of time due to being symptomatic or having close contact with one who is COVID positive
Currently in Test-to-Stay:
A close contact who qualifies for our test-to-say protocol and is able to remain at school in lieu of quarantining
Currently COVID positive:
2nd Grade: 1 case
Quarantined this school year:0
Test-to-Stay this school year:0
COVID positive this school year:
Includes both current and previous cases
ECE: 2 cases
Kindergarten: 5 cases
1st Grade: 3 cases
2nd Grade: 1 case
3rd Grade: 1 case
4th Grade: 3 cases
6th Grade: 2 cases
Stats as of 11/30/2022, 5:36 AM.

District 106 COVID-19 Cases - Staff

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