COVID-19 Statistics & Indicators
District 106 Statistics
Vaccinated or Engaging in Weekly Testing100%
Currently quarantined:0
Currently COVID positive:0
Quarantined this school year:0
COVID positive this school year:0
Currently quarantined:0
Currently in Test-to-Stay:2
Currently COVID positive:1
Quarantined this school year:6
Test-to-Stay this school year:3
COVID positive this school year:1
A individual may be counted multiple times in the school-year stats if quarantined multiple times. Quarantine reasons include being COVID positive, symptomatic, or having close contact with one who is. Stats as of 9/22/2021, 6:18 AM.

District 106 COVID-19 Cases - Staff and Students

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COVID-19 New Cases Per Day
District 106 Zipcodes (60525, 60558)
7-Day Rolling Average

COVID-19 Positivity Rate
District 106 Zipcodes (60525, 60558)
7-Day Rolling Average

Zip code data is taken from the IDPH COVID-19 statistics page and Northwestern's Covid-19 dashboard